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Relax & Enjoy Your Reception

Invite us to drive your reception.  We take great pride in our timeline management and coordination with vendors throughout the reception to ensure that your evening goes as planned.  We welcome the opportunity to guide the structure of your evening in a way which caters to your preferences to ensure you have a successful and, most of all, memorable wedding day.

The Experience

Our knowledge and assets from larger scale event production in other sectors of our company give us a unique advantage over a traditional wedding DJ.


We utilize the latest professional audio & lighting equipment and control to have your chosen venue looking and sounding the best it can.  With our numerous lighting & effect options, your venue can transform from an elegant dinner space to a room filled with an aura of excitement.

Check out some Snaps!

Get Up Offa

That Thing! 

We hope you love music as much as we do!  With years of nightlife experience under our belt, we have mastered the flow and control of a dance floor.  Our carefully crafted music libraries are always kept up-to-date and refined to please a wide range of generations. 

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